GoConstruct: Enhancer

GoConstruct: Enhancer

Working remotely with CWIC on ENHANCER - a CITB funded project promoting current and new high-value job roles in an increasingly multidisciplinary construction industry.

I was given the task to create branding and print collateral for a new learning program. This was for the Construction of Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC) who are a CITB funded organisation, in which it was to join their GoConstruct line of existing projects. They requested that the logo/branding can be applied over a multitude of applications, and particularly for promotional material for events and tours of the facilities at the IQ building near Swansea Marina.

Hi! I'm Jordan Gittins and I am a design graduate based in Cardiff, UK.

I am a multidisciplinary designer focusing on digital design, branding, print and motion.
Please feel free to hit me up via email, I always try to make time for coffee and for meeting new people. I’m also on Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble & Behance.